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Welcome to Combined Appliances. Your Vancouver appliance repair specialist!
We are located at:
1395 Pemberton Avenue
North Vancouver
V7P 2R6
Combined Appliances has built up a dependable reputation for quality repairs since opening its doors in 1955.
We also provide parts for our "Do-It-Yourself" customers & always keep commonly used appliance parts in stock. If we don't have it in stock chances are we can order it for you.
After more than 60 years in the business, you can count on Combined Appliances!

About Us

Barry Bonetti first opened the doors of Combined Appliances in 1955, its original location was 1590 Marine Drive.

In 1970 & 1979 Barry hired two appliance repair men, Bob Stuart & Dennis Vreeken. Bob & Dennis worked at Combined Appliances until 1989 when they bought the business.

Upon buying the business, Bob & Dennis split the company into two locations. The Parts & Service Department was moved to Garden Avenue & the Sales Department stayed at 1590 Marine Drive.

As the business grew, so did the need for a larger store. In 1995 both departments were combined into one large store located at 1400 Marine Drive.

Combined Appliances continued to grow in both service & sales, but in 2003 the decision was made to move out of sales as the demand for parts and service grew.

In 2003 the doors to 1400 Marine Drive were closed and Combined Appliances moved to a new location at 1395 Pemberton Avenue where it is to this day.

Bob Stuart & Dennis Vreeken still run Combined Appliances & are excited to have a team of experienced staff & service technicians that's better than ever!

We are always ready to answer all of your appliance related questions.

Appliance Service

Check out our areas of service, below!

Here at Combined Appliances we have an experienced team of 5 certified appliance service technicians. As a general rule, each technician services anywhere from 6 to 9 calls a day, 6 days a week. This means we service about 4000 calls a year, making us one of the most experienced companies in our field!

We provide in home service to most major appliance brands and refrigeration too. In most cases we can be on your doorstep within 24 hours.

We also provide warranty service for LG, Danby, 5 Star, & Insinkerator products. We are also proud to offer G.E., HOTPOINT, MOFFAT, MCLARY, GE MONOGRAM, & GE PROFILE warranty in ALL of our service areas.

Areas we Service

While we are located in North Vancouver we regularly service the following areas:
North & West Vancouver
Sea to Sky corridor (stops in Squamish)

If your area is not listed give us a call as we may be able to help.

Appliance Parts

At our North Vancouver location we stock 1000's of parts for most major brands of appliances. So if you are looking for a specific part for your major appliance chances are we have it in stock.

If we don't have your part in stock, it is usually only a phone call away. We have access to literally 1000's of parts for most makes and models.

In order to process your part request effectivley & quickly we require both the make of appliance & the model number. In our experience the model number is usually the last thing people look for & when they do it is usually the hardest thing to find!

Here are the most common places to find your make & model number:
  • Stove - Around the pots & pans drawer.
  • Dryers - Door area.
  • Old Fridges - Around the kickplate.
  • Garberator - On the body of the appliance.
  • Washers - Door area or at the rear of the control console.
  • Dishwasher - Around the door frame area.
  • Freezers - Inside the appliance.
  • New Fridges - Inside wall or ceiling of fridge.
  • Microwaves - Around the door.

The model number on your appliance is usually a series of numbers & letters. In most cases it is proceeded by the words "Model Number".

The model number is usually located on a data plate along with the serial number, voltage, amperage & place of manufacture.

The energuide sticker also contains a number, however this is usually a partial number and not enough.

In some cases we may also require the serial number. This can be found next to the model number.

Contact Combined Appliances

To contact us fill out the form or call us in North Vancouver at:
Tel: 604.987.2251
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